Oklahoma schools are ranked 45th overall nationally and 47th for per student funding. We’re losing teachers, young and old, to other states because our teachers haven’t had a pay raise in 8 years. Our schools are the key to Oklahoma's future, but our state leaders don't seem to care.

Tell them our students and teachers deserve better -
they deserve a permanent solution.

October 6, 2016

‘Best and Worst States for Teachers’ study ranks Oklahoma as No. 36th

In a WalletHub.com study titled “2016’s Best and Worst States for Teachers,” Oklahoma ranks No. 36. In “Job opportunity and competition rank,” Oklahoma is No. 25. In “Academic and Work Environment Rank,” Oklahoma is No. 37. The study reports that Oklahoma is No. 48 in “public spending per student,” ahead of Utah, Arizona and Indiana. However, the five states with the lowest teacher salaries are Arizona, West Virginia, Maine, South Dakota and Hawaii. According to the study, education jobs are some of the lowest-paying occupations that require a bachelor’s degree, and their salaries consistently fail to keep up with inflation. READ FULL STORY ON TULSA BEACON
July 10, 2016

Low pay sends teachers out of Oklahoma, profession

Jamie Minter folded back the lid to a cardboard box she had dragged out of the garage. Class pictures, lesson plans, a teacher of the year plaque and a host of other mementos from her 16 years as a public school teacher were inside, instantly filling her with memories of when she was an elementary school teacher a year ago. “You know when you listen to a song and it puts you back in that place where you heard it for the first time?” Minter asks as she took a stack of student letters out of the box. “This box is like a song. Going through this, it felt like I was back in that classroom. I remember what it felt like walking on the […]